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On this page you can find useful notes from GENMOT.BY regarding crankshafts and more. We publish information that may be useful to you in your work! You can order GENMOT crankshafts from us.


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“Automechanika Shanghai 2019” Exhibition

Expotransporte ANPACT

“Expotransporte ANPACT 2019” Exhibition


GENMOT factory has the unique opportunity to produce crankshafts for a wide range of engines: from 2-cylinder to 12-cylinder. In short, crankshafts from pumps to ship and heavy military equipment.

The production competence of staff allows us to produce crankshafts according to different technologies:
– casting method (has its own casting shop)
– casting technology ADI (Austempered Ductile Iron). This is an advanced method, to which all leading manufacturers of automotive components of the European level are switching
– forging method

ADI molding products are widely used for the manufacture of wear-resistant industrial parts. Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI) is a wide range of ductile iron with increased plasticity and viscosity. Due to the hardening characteristics of the matrix, the products have an exceptional combination of wear resistance and toughness. They are 10% lighter than steel, easier to process than steel, reducing machining allowances.

Yes. You have several options:
– pickup of products from a warehouse in Minsk (4th Montazhnikov Lane, 6)
– delivery in Minsk by company’s transport
– Delivery by transport companies to any regions

We provide 1 year warranty.
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