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Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ) deals with manufacture of various internal combustion engines for buses, as well as industrial and agricultural machinery. The 6-cylinder diesel engine D-260 from MMZ was released in 1995 and was equipped with an in-line cast-iron cylinder block with cast-iron wet sleeves and with oil nozzles for cooling the pistons. In this block, engineers placed a steel crankshaft with a piston stroke of 125 mm (the diameter of the main necks is 85.25 mm, the connecting rod necks 73 mm), steel connecting rods and aluminum pistons with a diameter of 110 mm. All this allows you to get a working volume of 7.12 liters.

The cylinder block is covered with a cast-iron head with 12 valves and with plug-in valve seats. There is no camshaft in the cylinder head – it stands in the block and acts on the valves by means of pushers, rods and rocker arms. The size of the intake valves is 48 mm, exhaust 42 mm, the thickness of the stem 11 mm. Adjustment of D-260 valves is required as needed, but clearances must be checked after every 500 hours of operation. Valve clearances should be as follows: inlet – 0.25 mm, outlet – 0.45 mm. The procedure for adjusting the valves is the same as the operation sequence of the internal combustion engine – 1-5-3-6-2-4. Oil pressure – 2.8-4.5 kgf / cm2.


The D-260 diesel is equipped with YAZDA 363 fuel pump and a TKR 7 turbocharger. Since 1998, production of the Euro-1 standard version began, and in 2001 the D-260 diesel was brought to Euro-2. This was followed by Euro-3 engines, which got on the conveyor in 2005 and were distinguished by the presence of Common rail injection with a Bosch CPN2.2 fuel pump and Bosch EDC7UC31 ECU.

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Engine capacity

7,12 l

Cylinders diameter

110 mm

Длина хода поршня

125 mm

The order of turning on the cylinders



Engine power

155 horse power

Speed of crankshaft rotation

2100 rpm

Idle speed

850 – 2260 rpm

Torque (max)

622 Нм

Compression ratio


Engine weight

710 kg


130х70,5х111,8 сm

The structure of D260 engine

The scope of diesel engines is places with unlimited air exchange. Diesel engines are designed for operation at an ambient temperature of plus 40 C to minus 45 C. The D-260.1 diesel engine and its modifications are used as a power unit on energy-saturated wheeled tractors (D-260.1 and D-260.2), tracked tractors (D-260.14) , forage harvesters (D-260.4), energy-saturated energy means UES-250 (D-260.7) and other machines for various purposes. The design of diesel engines is designed for long-term operation without major repairs, subject to the rules of operation, storage and timely maintenance.
The power unit of this model includes a large number of working parts, components and systems. The main positions

  • Cylinder block;
  • Cylinder head, 2 pcs.;
  • crank gear;
  • valve operating mechanism;
  • fuel system;
  • turbocharge;
  • cooling system;
  • lubricant system.

1 – oil sump; 2 – oil pump; 3 – damper; 4 – crankshaft pulley; 5 – fan belt; 6 – distribution cover; 7 – tension pulley; 8 – piston cooling jet; 9 – fan; 10 – water pump; 11 – thermostat housing; 12 – connecting rod; 13 – piston; 14 – cylinder liner; 15 –cap; 16 cylinder head cover; 17 – cylinder head; 18 – cylinder block; 19 – back sheet; 20 – flywheel; 21 – crankshaft; 22 – oil receiver; 23 – camshaft.

D-260 modifications and their differences

D-260.1 — the main modification with TKR-7N3 (EURO-1), TKR-700-4 (Euro-2)

without intercooler with a return of 155 hp at 2100 rpm, and the torque is 622 Nm at 1400 rpm.

D-260.2 — analogue of D260.1

without intercooler rated at 130 hp at 2100 rpm, torque 500 Nm at 1400 rpm.

D-260.4 — combine engine with turbine TKR 700-2-12M

with intercooler and power of 209 hp at 2100 rpm, torque 808 Nm at 1500 rpm.

D-260.5 — motor with intercooler for techniquet weighing up to 32 tons.

Its power is 230 hp at 2100 rpm, torque 883 Nm at 1300-1600 rpm.

D-260.6 — diesel for combines and tractors

206 hp at 2100 rpm, torque 1000 Nm at 1500 rpm.

D-260.7 — harvester motor based on 260.1

with other intake and exhaust manifolds, with the NSh-25 pump, a modified engine mount, with its own oil supply and oil drain from the turbine. There is a TKR 700-2-12M turbocharger with an intercooler and developing 250 hp. at 2100 rpm here, torque 961 Nm at 1500 rpm.

D-260.8 — version without intercooler

at 102 hp at 1800 rpm, a torque of 497 Nm at 1500 rpm.

D-260.9 — combine engine with an intercooler and with TKR 700-2-12

The engine is based on 260.1 and is distinguished by the NSh-32 pump. Its power is 180 hp. at 2100 rpm, torque 690 Nm at 1500 rpm.

D-260.11 — car engine

185 h.p. at 2100 rpm, torque 745 Nm at 1500 rpm.

Д-260.12 — motor for trucks weighing up to 36 tons

develops power of 250 hp at 2100 rpm and a torque of 970 Nm at 1500 rpm.

D-260.13 — car internal combustion engine

204 h.p. at 2100 rpm, a torque of 768 Nm at 1300-1575 rpm.

D-260.14 — diesel for caterpillar tractors with intercooler

140 h.p. at 1800 rpm, moment 682 Nm at 1300-1450 rpm. The motor is based on 260.1 and has a starter, generator and pump drive.

D-260.16 — diesel with intercooler

280 h.p. at 2100 rpm, torque 1124 Nm at 1500 rpm.

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