GENMOT Philosophy and Values

Our code of ethics is effective in all our work and decisions. These values shed light on our communication with our partners, customers, employees and society.

Vision of the Future

Investing in human resources, continuous development and a customer-oriented approach, as well as transferring thirty-five years of the company’s experience to future generations. To reflect local requirements and understanding of international services in the best way for companies to which we provide services as a partner. To expand our product range and enrich it with future-oriented technologies and systems, as well as increase our value for our customers.


We are making confident and decisive steps into the future with our experience and your energy. We would like to express gratitude to our employees, managers, suppliers and all our customers who, together with us, took part in the creation of our GENMOT brand for 35 years. We hope to do better with you.

Experience exchange

обмен опытом Experience exchange GENMOT strives to pass its 35 years of experience to future generations. Thanks to a wide range, hundreds of products, as well as energy and knowledge acquired from hundreds of customers throughout the miter, the company has adopted the principle of transferring its valuable experience to its employees and thereby ensuring their future.


надежностьFor 35 years of its development, the company has operated without prejudice to its principles of impartiality and quality. This understanding is the main factor that helps the GENMOT brand find its place in the crankshaft industry. Our most important corporate culture is development, change, without prejudice to our quality principles.


честность The dominant idea in the corporate culture of GENMOT is to never forget your history, from top management to the lowest level. GENMOT currently produces products for the world’s largest brands and we owe this ongoing policy of quality and honesty, which has not changed for 35 years. Honesty is one of the first articles of the corporate constitution.

Constant development

развитиеTo achieve the best results throughout its existence, the GENMOT brand is constantly being in an investment attack. The company is constantly investing in improving production capacities, improving the quality of people, in advertising, in the research and development department in order to now take its place among the largest world leaders in this industry.
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