Information for Dealers

Информация для дилеров

AgroBelContract, Ltd. expresses gratitude to you for your interest in cooperating with us. We are pleased to offer you favorable cooperation conditions for effective trading activities in your region. In turn, we expect from our regional partners vigorous activity aimed at the promotion of GENMOT CRANKSHAFT INDUSTRY products.
GENMOT crankshafts are actively used in various types of special equipment, tractors, trucks, buses and cars. The main advantage of GENMOT products is not only attractive prices, but also the use of modern technology, high-tech and expensive equipment in production, as well as the use of high-quality materials.
The main principle of our activiy is individual work with clients, taking into account any requirements and wishes. Orders are always carried out on time, in accordance with the declared quality. Manufacturer’s warranty for all the products is provided.

The dealer will receive in our person a reliable partner with whom you can cooperate on a regular basis!
The dealer network is created and operates on principles of trustful and mutually beneficial partnerships that contribute to the creation of favorable conditions for dealers for carrying out targeted activities, taking personal initiative and taking into account regional characteristics for achievement of maximum efficiency and obtaining appropriate material benefits.

Dealer activities are carried out according to authority granted by the Supplier and issued by a Dealer Agreement. Special discounts may be provided to a dealer by a Dealer Agreement for the goods sold as well as other benefits depending on the economic efficiency of their work.

We offer a Dealer for sales GENMOT CRANKSHAFT INDUSTRY production (crankshafts) that meets the requirements of specifications and technical documentation for it and free from the claims of the third parties.

The dealer sells the production sent by a Supplier, to wholesale and retail buyers through its own trade network or another legal way.

Dealers of the Supplier are independent from each other. If there are some economic interests of different Dealers in one region, the disputed situations are solved with the participation of a Supplier.

The dealer can be a legal entity of any form of ownership, or an individual entrepreneur.

When selecting dealers, the following factors should be taken into account:

  • Longevity and economic effectiveness of applicant cooperation with Supplier;
  • Applicant’s sales experience of similar products or products from the same category;
  • Knowledge of the regional market state and availability of information about consumers in the respective regions;

Supplier’s obligations:

  • Timely deliveries of qualitative production to Dealers according to their requests;
  • Informing Buyers about Dealer’s activity in the regions;
  • Providing Dealers with all the necessary promotional and advertising information;
  • Contributing to production sales preferably through a Dealer on the agreed territory when it doesn’t contradict Supplier’s interests.

Supplier’s Rights:

  • Determine the quantity of Dealers in a region.
  • Assign “Dealer” status to regular Customers.
  • Establishment (revising, changing) of a Dealer category according to the results of work
  • Control of selection of products by Dealers.
  • Control of payments made by Dealers for the shipped goods.
  • Establishment and bringing to the Dealer a unified policy for the formation of wholesale and retail prices.
  • Setting of discounts for all categories of dealers, depending on the obligations fulfilled.

Dealer’s obligations:

  • Active work aimed at promotion of GENMOT CRANKSHAFT INDUSTRY production.
  • Desire to learn the supplied production and continuously improve knowledge.
  • Make payments of Supplier’s production on terms agreed by both Parties in a Dealership Agreement.
  • Follow the Agreements about payment of goods with a Supplier
  • Know competitors in the declared regions, the capacity of production market and provide the Supplier with the given data according to its requirements.
  • Provide the Supplier with reports of a declared form (upon request).
  • By its actions or inaction not to damage the reputation of the Supplier and its other Dealers

Dealer’s rights:

  • Receive the Supplier’s production timely and in full (upon inquiries).
  • Receive Supplier’s promotional products, price-lists for GENMOT CRANKSHAFT INDUSTRY production.
  • Be indicated as a Supplier’s Dealer on its website.
  • Learn new samples of Supplier’s production.
  • Sell products to retail and wholesale consumers.
  • Receive technical documentation about the production, copies of documents confirming its quality.

Why is it profitable to be AgroBelContract, Ltd. dealer?

For dealers we suggest the following:

  • Really beneficial economic conditions.
  • Convenient service (conditions for cooperation), when we take all the main risks.
  • Flexible system of discounts. Individual approach to each client.
  • Availability of goods in Minsk warehouse.

Information support and consultations for Dealers:

  • Up-to-date information about goods, its price and availability.
  • Professional consultation.

Quality and Responsibility:

  • The company guarantees a high quality of the suggested production, confirmed by testing at manufacture’s factory.
  • Guarantee of quality and credibility of the purchased products due to comprehensive control.
  • 1-year warranty period for each product.

Convenient delivery and receipt of goods:

  • Possibility of pickup.
  • Delivery of goods in Minsk with our own service.
  • Delivery to other regions using transport companies.

How can you become our Dealer?

It’s very easy to become a Dealer of AgroBelContract, Ltd. company. You can ask our managers about conditions of receiving Dealer status by calling: +375 (29) 668-64-63 and +7 (991) 970-97-70 (Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram) or by sending an inquiry using the feedback form below with a comment “Become a Dealer”.

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