Crankshaft GM1214-1 (FORGING (forged)), OEM NO: 260-1005015-D-20

2,056.20 BYN

OEM NO: 260-1005015-D-20 (after 2011)
Article: GM1214-1/260-1005015-D-20
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Technical characteristics correspond to those of MMZ production. It is used instead of MMZ crankshafts:
— 260-1005015-D-20 (after 2011)
This crankshaft is used for MTZ (MTZ-1221, MTZ-1523), MAZ, KZS, Amkador with engines: D260.1, D260.2, D260.4, D260.14, D266.4, D260.9
A part requires replacement when chips, cracks, and other signs of wear appear on its surface.
The crankshaft GM1214-1 is made of high strength steel. It is a durable, wear-resistant, full support mechanism. The main necks in the production are quenched by high-frequency currents.
Design Features

  • With gear 260-1005030-D1 (z-27 angle 15 degrees)
  • 1 key, fastening 9 bolts, conical connection
  • has seven radical and six connecting rod necks
  • crankshaft journals 1st, 6th, 7th and 12th have counterweights; they can be removed if necessary. Due to counterweights, the wear of main bearings is reduced and the effect of centrifugal forces from unbalanced crank masses is reduced
  • the connecting rod journals have cavities closed by threaded plugs; inside these cavities, the oil coming from the main journals through inclined channels is cleaned. In the crank pins, the oil is cleaned by the action of centrifugal forces
  • The crankshaft is limited from axial movement by means of persistent half rings made of aluminum alloy. Thrust half rings are blocked from turning by protrusions inserted into the milled grooves in the bearing cover.
  • on the front end of the crankshaft the following are mounted: with an interference fit, the timing gear drive gear (crankshaft gear) and the oil pump drive gear, the water pump drive pulley, the generator, the air conditioning compressor (if installed).
  • To reduce the level of torsional vibrations on the pulley hub, a silicone damper is installed on the crankshaft
  • Details
Weight 68 kg
Dimensions 110 × 20 × 20 cm

You can buy from us GM1214-1 crankshaft with the following characteristics:

Parameter Meaning
Name GM1214-1
OEM NO: 260-1005015-D-20 (after 2011) (D-260 Euro-3)
Complete with gear OEM NO: 260-1005030-D1 (z-27 angle 15 degrees)
Manufacturing method Forging*
Catalog group Engine
Use Engine D260.1, D260.2, D260.4, D260.14, D266.4, D260.9
Cylinders 6 CYL
Width; Length; Height; Weight 0,2m, 1,1m, 0,2m; 68kg.

* The manufacturing competence of GENMOT CRANKSHAFT INDUSTRY staff allows us to manufacture products using various technologies, such as:

– casting method (own casting shop)

– casting method using ADI technology (Austempered Ductile Iron). This is an advanced method, which all leading manufacturers of automotive components of the European level are switching to. ADI injection moldings are widely used for the manufacture of wear-resistant industrial parts. Due to the hardening characteristics of the matrix, the products have an exceptional combination of wear resistance and toughness, while they have a lower weight and are easier to process

– forging method

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