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The engine of Minsk Motor Plant (MMZ) D-243 is a four-cycle diesel engine with a vertical, in-line arrangement of cylinders and fuel injection directly into the cylinders. The base model has no turbocharger. The scope of diesel engines is places with unlimited air exchange. Diesels are designed for operation at an ambient temperature of plus 40 C to minus 45 C.
Their main purpose is installation on agricultural tractors of class 1.4-2.0 t / s,  as well as other machines for industrial, agricultural, forestry purposes. It is widely used on excavators, loaders,

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The history of the engine is connected to the legendary MTZ-80/82 tractor, the production of which began in 1974. Initially, the D-240 engine was installed on these machines. Later it was replaced by the more advanced 243rd, which to this day is the heart of the tractors of the Minsk plant. Currently, this engine is the most massive one in the territory of the former USSR. Diesel became the basis for a number of modifications differing in equipment and installed units, and therefore operational characteristics.


Technical characteristics of MMZ D-243

Specific fuel consumption

at 100% nom. power

220 g / kWh

at 75% of the nom. power

222 g / kWh

at 50% of the nom. power

240 g / kWh

Oil consumption for waste at 100% power

— regarding fuel consumption

0 %

— specific oil consumption

0.9 g / kWh

Filling capacities

Lubrication system

12 l

Cooling system

15 l

Standard Oil Change Period

250 engine hours

Dimensions (L х W х H)

994 х 676 х 1223 mm

Weight (without oil and coolant)

430 kg

Resource before overhaul

8000 engine hours

Modifications and their differences

  1. D-243 — normal 81 h.p. version
  2. D-243L — same but with a different exhaust manifold.
  3. D-243.1 — 83 h.p. motor

D-243.2 — 60 h.p. version for mine vehicles.

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